Strategic Plan

Meeting Date: January 11, 2014
Location: WGM Offices, Missoula, Montana


John Roters, IMASLA President
Jay Gibbons, IMASLA President-Elect
Sean Conner, IMASLA Treasurer
Aly Ross, IMASLA Secretary
Jolene Rieck, IMASLA Trustee
Jacob Thomas, IMASLA Vice President of Idaho

Jennie Meinershagen, IMASLA Vice President of Montana
Lynda Wightman, IMASLA Member at Large
Jim Mihan, Olmsted Group – Southern Idaho Section Chair
Kate Dinsmore, Western Montana Chair
Fred Ogram, Northern Idaho Chair
Teri Ottens, Executive Director

To lead, to educate and to participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning and artful design of our cultural and natural environments

Leading the design and stewardship of land and communities. 


  • Dedication/commitment
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Stewardship


  • Collaborative
  • Member-focused
  • Accountable
  • Responsible
  • Volunteer-supported

Strategic Initiatives for 2014:

  1. Student Communication and Coordination – Sean Connor, Initiative Lead
  2. Expand Sponsors (organizational) Opportunities – Lynda Wightman, Lead
  3. Leadership Development/Succession Planning – Jay Gibbons, Initiative Lead
  4. Website Development Jennie Meinershagen – Initiative Lead
  5. Partnering and Outreach Opportunities  – Jim Mihan, Initiative Lead
  6. Advocacy – Jolene Rieck, Initiative Lead

Committees and Working Groups
The participants considered the programs and work that needs to be done to reach the strategic objectives and developed the following committees. Committee projects are listed in order of importance.

Student Communication and Coordination

  • Sean Conner, Initiative Lead
  • Kate Dinsmore
  • Kent Brough
  1. Create a University/Community College directly of students and faculty
  2. Increase student ASLA membership and participation
  3. Develop and participate in student awards and student charrettes
  4. Promote a regional internship program
  5. Contact graduating students from Idaho and Montana university and community colleges in related fields

Expand Sponsors (organizational) Opportunities

  • Lynda Wightman, Initiative Lead
  • Jim Mihan
  1. Expand sponsor opportunities
  2. Solidify process for recruitment
  3. Each board member assists with two new sponsors
  4. Paid sponsors are fully informed of value

Leadership Development/Succession Planning

  • Jay Gibbons, Initiative Lead
  • Sean Conner
  • Jolene Rieck
  • John Roters
  1.  Executive Committee Leadership Enhancement
  2. Cultivate a culture of Chapter service
  3. Identify and train future chapter leaders
  4. Encourage Chapter/Student involvement and interaction
  5. Show chapter’s appreciation to Officer’s employers
  6. Show chapter’s appreciation to past Chapter officers

Website Development

  • Jennie Meinershagen, Initiative Lead
  • Kent Watson
  • Jacob Thomas
  • Kate Dinsmore
  • John Roters
  1. Create a vibrant website with a “wow” factor that informs and educates the visitor about the profession, current works, news and events in the region related to designing and living in the built and natural environment in our two states.
  2. Engage IMASLA Members, Students and Sponsors in the region to participate because there is a clear benefit.
  3. Provide a structured organizational tool for IMASLA Chapter Operations.

Partnering and Outreach Opportunities  

  • Jim Mihan, Initiative Lead 
  • Jacob Thomas
  • Jennie Meinershagen
  • Lynda Wightman
  1. Identify partnering & outreach targets
  2. Identify and implement partnering & outreach tools


  • Jolene Rieck, Initiative Lead
  • Sean Conner
  • Jennie Meinershagen
  • Aly Ross
  1.  Distribute the 2012 plan to committee members.  Ask them to identify successful initiatives and potential shortfalls.
  2. Write a newsletter article for January 31 on the importance of the advocacy network
  3. Research on how other chapters are handling member-initiated legislation.
  4. Recruit at least two non-excom committee members?
  5. Schedule a conference call with the team in the first week of February to develop a new plan.
  6. Prepare a draft plan for the February 18 Executive Committee meeting
  7. Make everyone aware of bill tracking at
  8. Develop measurements of success

Standing Committees:

Audit Committee

  1. Conduct annual audit

Nominating Committee

  1. Prepare slate of nominees
  2. Manage search process for Fellow candidates

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

  1. Review bylaws and propose amendments
  2. Create sponsor policy
  3. Create reimbursement policy

Tellers Committee

  1. Verify elections


The participants discussed the chapter section status and structure of the chapter. The organization chart below identifies the section reporting structure to the chapter executive committee. The participant consensus is to make all the sections “official.”